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Puppy preschool service
Puppy preschool service

Puppy Preschool

The Pet Practice now offers puppy preschool classes.

We regularly run Puppy Preschool classes for new puppies! The early phase of your puppy’s life is the most important time for them to learn and interact with a wide range of people and other animals. It is important that these early experiences occur in a safe and controlled environment, which will benefit them for their entire lives. This makes Puppy Preschool at The Pet Practice an ideal option to begin essential training and socialising and our program is run by one of our veterinarians, so it is a great opportunity for you to receive special veterinary advice on puppy care.

The program includes:

It is a 4 week course with 1 hour weekly evening sessions from 6-7pm on a weekday.

There are limited places so we recommend calling and securing your puppy’s place today!

Telephone: (08) 9351 9700