Animal Vaccinations & Microchipping

We provide all of the standard vaccinations for cats and dogs, including for litters of puppies and kittens. Regular vaccination is essential for animals of all ages to protect from contagious and potentially deadly diseases – puppies and kittens require a course of vaccinations and adults require annual vaccination. Your pets’ vaccination appointment is also the ideal time to bring up any questions or concerns, as every vaccination includes a complete health check by the veterinarian.

We are happy to offer discounts on puppy and kitten litter vaccinations.


If there is a particular vaccine that you require for your pet, feel free to contact us and we can arrange it for you.

It is essential that your pet is microchipped to ensure that they can be identified as belonging to you. Most commonly this is required if a pet is lost so they can be reunited with you without difficulty. We can easily microchip your pet at any standard consultation, such as at the time of vaccination, and we even complete the registration process for you to make it simple and easy!

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Where to Find Us

We are located on Albany Highway in St. James, Bentley (between Victoria Park and Cannington). We cater for the many communities of South Perth, Kensington, Como and Belmont as well as our local areas. For the best health care for your beloved pets, contact us today to make an appointment. Become part of the ‘Pet Practice family’!

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