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About Us

About the clinic

The Pet Practice was opened in February 2016 by Dr Nadine Gruenthal.

Having worked in some of the most prominent clinics in Perth, Nadine decided that she wanted to create a boutique clinic with a modern, fresh vibe. She wanted to focus on providing her patients with the best modern care, whilst still maintaining a personalised relationship with her clients.

Nadine wants everyone to feel like they are part of the ‘Pet Practice Family’.

Our facilities

Consult Rooms

Our consult rooms offer a modern, friendly environment. We aim to keep your pet happy and relaxed during their visit to our clinic.


We have a state of the art surgical suite where we are able to perform surgeries in a clean and sterile environment with modern, up to date equipment.


Our xray machine is digital and brand new allowing us to take clear images of your pet


We have an ultrasound machine that enables us to perform pregnancy ultrasounds and other diagnostic ultrasounds on your pets.

Hospital facilities

If your pet requires a stay in our hospital for treatment rest assured that they will be in the best hands. We have facilities for all sick animals allowing us to offer them a comfortable stage with the best veterinary care available. And they will receive lots of love and cuddles from our friendly team!


We have a brand new dental machine and equipment which allows us to perform dental procedures to the highest standard.


Our microscope allows us to perform many tests on your pet to help diagnose problems. We are able to test the skin, urine and faeces, lumps, ear infection and semen.

Semen Storage

We have liquid nitrogen tanks for storage of frozen semen.

Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing

We provide diagnostic and laboratory tests enabling us to screen your pet for many illnesses.

We have blood test machines in our clinic which means we can get instant results.

Endoscope for Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Endoscope for Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

In house blood progesterone testing machine

This also allows us to let you know your dogs progesterone levels quickly.