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The Pet Practice is a fully equipped general veterinary clinic. Our modern facilities enable us to provide a high standard of veterinary medicine and surgical care for your pet. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable and work collaboratively together, as well as with veterinary specialists, to ensure that your pet receives the best, most up to date treatment and care.


Our modern consult rooms are well equipped to examine your pet thoroughly in a calm, comfortable environment. Our vets and nurses aim to keep your pet happy and relaxed during their visit to our clinic and utilize stress-free methods of handling and treatment. If your pet is particularly anxious, our staff are more than happy to accommodate them and ensure their visit is as pleasant as possible.

Consultations are available Monday to Saturday by appointment so please give us a call on (08) 9351 9700 to come and see us.

We also offer mobile consults or phone consults where required (see below).


We have a state of the art surgical suite where we are able to perform surgeries in a clean and sterile environment with modern, up to date equipment.

We use modern effective surgical and anaesthetic equipment to ensure our surgical patients receive the best care, including our new Electrocautery unit, SurgiVet Monitor (monitors heart rate, oxygen levels and breathing, blood pressure, temperature, ECG), Doppler blood pressure monitoring, intravenous fluid infusion pumps, as well as modern and up to date anaesthetic machines.

We also have a state of the art Aeolus Incubator (humidicrib) for newborn puppies and kittens, as well as an oxygen cage for patients requiring supplemental oxygen.

Routine surgery is done by appointment on week days. We will do emergency or urgent procedures as required. We are able to offer our clients services in all aspects of small animal surgery ranging from routine surgeries such as desexing, lump removals and hernia repairs to major surgeries such as caesareans, brachycephalic airway surgery, laparotomies, prophylactic gastropexy, emergency bloat/GDV surgery, splenectomies and some orthopaedic procedures. Further information on some of these procedures is below.

Contact us about any specific procedure your pet may require for more information.


The clinic has a modern, digital x-ray machine machine allowing us to take clear images of your pet. X-ray is an important diagnostic imaging tool which allows us to see inside your pet’s chest, abdomen and skeletal system to help diagnose any problems.

We also offer x-rays of pregnant animals in order to count the number of babies they are expecting.


We have an ultrasound machine that enables us to perform pregnancy ultrasounds and other diagnostic ultrasounds on your pets. Ultrasound is an effective tool at diagnosing many medical problems and we frequently utilize this during consultations to help determine what might be going on with your pet.

We can also arrange for specialist veterinary ultrasonographers to come to the clinic and scan your pet for the more complex cases that require a specialist diagnosis.

Hospital facilities

If your pet requires a stay in our hospital for treatment rest assured that they will be in the best hands. We have facilities for all sick animals allowing us to offer them a comfortable stay with the best veterinary care available. We even have a quiet ward for those patients needing extra rest.

A dedicated nurse will monitor your pet at all times throughout the day and ensure they receive frequent assessment by the hospital vet, walks, toilet breaks, meals and required medications on time. And they will always receive lots of love and cuddles from our friendly team!


We have the latest dental machine and equipment which allows us to perform dental procedures to the highest standard. This ranges from teeth cleaning (scale and polish) to tooth extractions.

We also ensure our dental patients go home with up to date information on dental hygiene and products to assist in after care and tartar prevention.


Our laboratory microscope allows us to perform many tests instantly to help diagnose problems in your pet. We are able to test the blood, skin, urine, faeces, lumps, ear infections and semen samples. Microscopy is a valuable tool to check for problems that are impossible for pet owners to see with the naked eye, but that can be causing serious issues in your pet.

Diagnostic and laboratory testing

We provide numerous diagnostic and laboratory tests both in-house and via a veterinary laboratory, enabling us to screen your pet for a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Our in-house blood test machines mean we get the blood test results for your pet instantly. We also have in-house diagnostic tests available for urinalysis and faecal analysis.


We offer a range of comprehensive reproduction options so visit our dedicated page on Reproduction here.

In-house blood progesterone testing machine

We offer in-house blood progesterone testing for bitches in heat in order to help you detect the ideal time for mating or insemination. Our in-house machine means we can get the results back to you quickly on the same day.

We also utilize blood progesterone to determine imminent whelping, particularly for bitches requiring caesareans. This blood test can be performed and the result back instantly to ensure the best plan can be made as soon as possible for your bitch and her puppies. For more information on our range of comprehensive reproduction options visit our dedicated page on Reproduction here.

Semen Storage

We have specialized liquid nitrogen tanks for storage of frozen semen. We hold regular semen evaluation and freezing appointments for male breeding dogs so feel free to contact us today for more information. For more information on our range of comprehensive reproduction options visit our dedicated page on Reproduction here.

Endoscope for Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

Transcervical Insemination (TCI) is a popular and highly successful method of artificial insemination for dogs. Our clinic uses a state of the art video endoscope for the procedure and our staff are highly experienced at performing TCIs.

This procedure is minimally invasive and usually done with the dog fully conscious. For more information on our range of comprehensive reproduction options visit our dedicated page on Reproduction here.

Vaccinations and microchips

We provide all of the standard vaccinations for cats and dogs, including for litters of puppies and kittens. Regular vaccination is essential for animals of all ages to protect from contagious and potentially deadly diseases – puppies and kittens require a course of vaccinations and adults require annual vaccination. Your pets’ vaccination appointment is also the ideal time to bring up any questions or concerns, as every vaccination includes a complete health check by the veterinarian.

We are happy to offer discounts on puppy and kitten litter vaccinations.

If there is a particular vaccine that you require for your pet, feel free to contact us and we can arrange it for you.

It is essential that your pet is microchipped to ensure that they can be identified as belonging to you. Most commonly this is required if a pet is lost so they can be reunited with you without difficulty. We can easily microchip your pet at any standard consultation, such as at the time of vaccination, and we even complete the registration process for you to make it simple and easy!

- NEW - Puppy Preschool

The Pet Practice now offers puppy preschool classes.

For more information please see this page.

Wellness Plans

We offer both feline and canine Wellness Plans that ensure your pet is protected against all of the diseases and parasites that we routinely need to provide preventative treatments for.

Selecting a Wellness Plan means you won’t need to purchase any more routine health preventatives for the entire year – you will leave the clinic with everything you need and an information pack. Ask us today and we can help get you and your pet started on the plan that works best for you!

Hip and Elbow X-rays

Here at The Pet Practice we are experienced at performing comprehensive hip and elbow x-rays for all breeds for regular assessment by our vets and for specialist hip and elbow scoring.

Hip and elbow dysplasia are common problems in many breeds and this is why these x-rays are so important in order to assess for the presence of these often hereditary abnormalities – this information is useful for breeding selection decisions, as well as to ensure any conditions can be effectively managed for your pet’s quality of life.

Spinal Scheme X-rays for French Bulldogs

We can perform spinal scheme x-rays for all breeds, but this service is particularly aimed toward French Bulldogs. This breed is predisposed to spinal defects, particularly hemivertebrae, and so x-rays are important to detect the quality of the spinal formation.

Our x-rays are able to be sent for specialist spinal scoring if required, and our vets can also provide a regular assessment of the images too. This information is useful for breeding selection decisions, as well as to ensure any conditions can be effectively managed for your pet’s quality of life.

DNA Testing

DNA testing is a popular test in order to determine the breeds your pet is made up of, as well as screen for any potential diseases or traits they may be predisposed to.

This can be performed in dogs and cats of any age. The test may involve a special oral swab or blood test which our staff can perform for you and complete the required paperwork in order for you to find out this exciting and useful information for your pet!

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Surgery

Brachycephalic dogs (dogs with shortened snouts) such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, Boston Terriers and some other breeds suffer challenges to their breathing due to their conformation. This includes stenotic nares (too small nostrils) and elongated soft palate (where the long soft palate protrudes into the airway obstructing airflow). This conformation can make breathing difficult and the dogs may show signs such as loud breathing, snorting, snoring while sleeping, persistent panting, exercise intolerance and more worryingly episodes of collapse or heat stroke.

Fortunately, modern surgical techniques have meant we can make a huge difference to the airway problems faced by these breeds and improve their quality of life significantly. Here at The Pet Practice we are highly experienced at performing airway surgery – we perform nares alarplasty (widening the nostrils to allow easier passage of air) and soft palate resection (surgically shortening the length of the soft palate so it doesn’t obstruct airflow) which have helped so many of our patients breath more easily and enjoy a better quality of life.

Call us today for more information or to book your brachycephalic pet in for this highly beneficial procedure.


Gastric dilation volvulus (GDV), also known as bloat, is a deadly condition of large breed dogs where the stomach fills with gas and twists. This is an emergency procedure and will eventually cause death without emergency surgery. Fortunately, there is a preventative surgical option available to prevent this emergency happening to your dog. The preventative surgery is called a ‘gastropexy’ and involves surgically fixing the stomach to the abdominal wall permanently to prevent the twisting that occurs in GDV.

Performing a prophylactic gastropexy removes the risk of developing GDV, eliminating the need for emergency surgery which is often complicated and highly costly, with unfortunately no guarantee of a positive outcome due to the seriousness of the condition. Here at The Pet Practice we can perform prophylactic gastropexies on all dogs – this can be performed at the same time as desexing or other procedures and is highly recommended for large breed dogs, including but not limited to German Shepherds, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Boxers, Irish Wolfhounds, Mastiffs, Weimaraners, and others.

So call us today to book in your large breed dog for this important procedure.


Our clinic is fully equipped and able to see emergencies during opening hours. Our staff are experienced at dealing with emergencies and we have multiple in-house testing options for rapid diagnosis, as well as medications and equipment for treatment of many common emergency conditions. We are also capable of performing many emergency surgeries, including emergency caesareans, GDV/bloat surgery, splenectomies, stitch ups, and more.

We also have an oxygen box for patients requiring supplemental oxygen.

Whilst we can manage many emergency situations, we also know when we need to refer to more comprehensive emergency facilities and will do so where required.

We also offer an after hours caesarean service to our clients, which we will provide to you during consult.

Specialist care / collaboration

Sometimes some cases require specialist care. We have referral access to a range of veterinary specialists across Perth, including medicine, surgery and imaging specialists, as well as ophthalmologists and dermatologists, and will recommend this when it is the best option for your pet. We can also arrange for specialist veterinary ultrasonographers to come to the clinic and ultrasound your pet where required, saving you and your pet the hassle of visiting another practice.

We can also often liaise with specialists to come up with a plan that works best for your and your pet, giving you access to gold standard recommendations and care.

Pet Insurance

We want to help ensure making a pet insurance claim for your pet is as easy and hassle-free as possible. For this reason we submit claims electronically on your behalf for most pet insurance companies – simply advise us of this at your visit and we can arrange for your claim to be submitted quickly and efficiently. For other insurance companies we forward your pet’s information on to them directly at their request after you have made your claim, which we always do promptly to ensure there is minimal delay in processing your claim.

See below for our client payment options including Gap Only insurance and Open Pay.

Insurance – GapOnly and Open Pay

We understand there can sometimes be unexpected costs that arise for your pet. To help our clients provide the best veterinary care for their beloved pets, we offer Gap Only insurance and Open Pay to help you with the cost of veterinary care.

Gap Only insurance is a claims service that allows you to access your pet insurance benefit instantly for eligible claims, meaning you only pay the gap between your pet insurance benefit and the veterinary invoice at the time of your visit. All you need to do is let us know you’d like to submit a Gap Only claim at your visit and our staff will submit the claim for you straight away – then once approved you simply just pay the gap not covered by your policy! For more information visit

Open Pay is a ‘purchase now, pay later’ payment plan solution for the times you may not have available funds right away, but will be able to pay later on. By utilising this service, it ensures you can pay for the required veterinary care without delay, and settle it later when you are able. Visit the Open Pay website to set this service up and simply let us know at the time of your visit that you intend to pay with Open Pay.

Mobile Consults

We are more than happy to accommodate our clients and their pets using mobile consultations where possible. We understand sometimes the clinic experience might be too much for some clients and pets and as such we are happy to come to you if necessary.

Call us today to discuss your pets needs and determine if this option works for you.

Phone consults

We understand sometimes you may want to discuss your pet’s situation prior to deciding on a plan and visiting the clinic. For this reason, we are more than happy to accommodate you via a phone consultation with the veterinarian where you can discuss your pet’s situation and come up with a plan from there.

If you would like to book a phone consultation appointment, please call us today and we can arrange it for you.