Preparing your pet for surgery

Here are a few tips to help get your pet ready for surgery:

  • Please try and bathe your pet a few days before their procedure.
    • This reduces contamination and helps ensure their surgical site is as clean and possible. If your animal has any sutures placed during the surgery, they will not be allowed to have a bath until the sutures area removed.
  • Fasting:
    • It is important to make sure your animal has no food in their stomach on the day of their procedure. This is because some of the anaesthetic agents can make them feel a bit nauseous and we want to reduce the chances of them vomiting around the time of their general anaesthetic/sedation. So please do not feed them after 6pm the night before surgery. Water is fine overnight.
  • If your animal is on any medication please contact the clinic to find out if you should administer it on the day of surgery.
  • Please drop your pet off between 9am and 10am so we can give them a good check over and get them ready for their procedure.

What to expect in your animal after a general anaesthetic/sedation:

  • After your animal’s procedure a friendly staff member will contact you to arrange a pick-up time that suits you, if this was not already arranged at admission.
  • After surgery, we like to keep your pet in the hospital for a few hours to ensure they recover well. You may notice when you collect your animal that they are quieter than usual. This is normal after a general anaesthetic/sedation, and can sometimes last until the next day.
  • Keep your pet in a quiet and warm place during recovery after their big day.
  • Sometimes we clip your pet’s legs for their IV fluids. They may go home with a bandage on their legs. You can remove the bandage that night when you get
  • Your pet may not feel like eating when you take them home. Offer a small amount of their usual food but don’t be alarmed if they do not eat it. Occasionally your pet might vomit after a general anaesthetic which is normal. If they continue to vomit or you are concerned at all please contact the clinic or your nearest emergency centre.

If you have any questions about your animal’s upcoming surgery day or what to expect afterwards, please don’t hesitate to contact the Pet Practice and one of our staff members will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns about surgery with you.