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The veterinarians at The Pet Practice are most enthusiastic about dog and cat reproduction.

Dr Nadine Gruenthal has designed The Pet Practice to be a comprehensive reproduction clinic. We offer all services related to dog and cat reproduction.

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Ovulation detection

Progesterone Testing

At The Pet Practice we have our own in-house progesterone machine which means we can provide you with a result within 90 minutes. Progesterone is a hormone released by the ovaries when a dog is in season. Measuring blood progesterone levels allows us to interpret what is happening with the oocytes (eggs) on the ovaries and when the dog is ovulating. Progesterone testing is a simple blood test. Our in-house testing is quicker and more reliable.

Vaginal Cytology

Vaginal cytology is when a swab is taken from the bitch’s vagina and examined under the microscope. The change in the appearance of the cells can help determine where the bitch is in her cycle. Vaginal cytology is usually interpreted in conjunction with progesterone tests.

Artificial inseminations – Manual AI, TCI, Surgical AI

Manual Artificial Insemination (AI)

In a manual AI the semen is collected from the male dog and a catheter is inserted into the females vagina. The sperm is deposited directly into the vagina (intra-vaginal insemination). The sperm then makes its own way up into the uterus to fertilise the eggs. This technique is suitable for fresh semen inseminations.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI)

This procedure uses an endoscope and camera to deposit the semen directly into the dog’s uterus (intra-uterine insemination). It is usually a more successful method of insemination. It does not require anaesthetic or surgery. There is minimal discomfort to the bitch. The technique is suitable for fresh, chilled and frozen semen.

Surgical Insemination

Surgical AI is a minor surgery where the bitch is anaesthetised to directly inject the semen into the uterus. This is suitable for fresh, chilled and frozen semen.

Caesarean Sections

We hope that dogs will whelp their puppies without any problems. But sometimes they need help. At The Pet Practice we offer services for both emergency and elective C-sections. You can be assured that your dog will be cared for to the highest standard to ensure the safe delivery of your puppies.

Frozen Semen

We provide all services for frozen semen including:

  • Semen freezing and storage
  • Inseminations with frozen semen – surgical AI and TCI’s.
  • We can assist with the export of frozen semen interstate or overseas.

Please give us a call at the clinic for more information.

Semen Chilling

Chilled semen is a useful and effective way of transporting semen interstate. We can collect semen from your dog and chill it for transportation.

We are also experience in inseminations using chilled semen.

Please give us a call on (08) 9351 9700 for more information.

Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Pregnancy ultrasound is the best way to determine if your dog is pregnant. It can be done from 4 weeks gestation. It is useful in confirming pregnancy and letting you know how many puppies your dog is going to have. Plus, it is really cute to see your tiny puppies!

Pyometra Treatment

Pyometra is when your bitch has an infection in her uterus. It is a very serious condition and can be life threatening if not treated. Generally, treatment involves surgically desexing the dog. However, we offer other treatment options that do not involve desexing that may preserve your dog’s fertility for the future.

For more information please make an appointment to come and see us at The Pet Practice.

Other Reproductive treatment and advice

The Pet Practice offers all advise and care in relation to breeding and reproduction.

This includes:

  • Infertility advice
  • Semen evaluation and sperm counts
  • Advice of cryptorchidism (retained testicles)
  • Neonatal puppy care
  • Oestrus suppression
  • Chemical castration
  • Vasectomies
Breeder’s Discount and Discounted Vaccinations

Breeder’s Discount:

The Pet Practice is happy to provide registered breeders with a Breeder’s discount. In order to qualify for the discount, you have to be a Registered Breeder with the Canine or Feline Association and have a prefix. Please note that this discount is at the discretion of the clinic.

Discounted Vaccinations

We are happy to offer all breeder discounted puppy and kitten vaccinations for your litter. We also provide discounted microchips. Please give us a call on (08) 9351 9700 for more information.